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What to Expect From Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine has a lot of uses and this article will tell you just that along with some other facts that you must first know about it. In order for synthetic urine to really look and smell like real urine, you need more than just water, you need to be putting some certain organic elements into the water and some inorganic elements such as creatinine, urea, chloride, sulfates, and some phosphates. Usually, synthetic urine is made for the sake of using it in laboratories. Despite the fact that synthetic urine has mimicked the chemical and physical characteristics of real human urine, there is still one thing that makes it unique. You see, with real human urine, you should expect to see traces of waste in it while in synthetic urine, there is just none. This is the main reason why real human urine can never be used for major laboratory tests as they could pose a threat of passing on infectious diseases and can be just unhygienic.

Here you can find a list of things that you can do with having your very own synthetic urine.

Calibrating equipment: In order for urine testing equipment to work, they must be calibrated accurately, and this is one purpose of using some synthetic urine for such. Each person will have their own composition for their urine. This is not the case with synthetic urine as all samples of them will just have the same composition no matter what brand they are in.

Education purposes: So that a person becomes a professional technologist in urinalysis, they must be able to pass in doing the urinalysis tests on their own. It is during these times that you will be needing to use as urine sample only synthetic urine.

Testing diapers: When it comes to diaper companies, they need to ensure that their diapers are the best hence the need to test them with the help of synthetic urine. Utilizing synthetic urine to test diapers help in guaranteeing diaper companies that the diapers they are distributing are one of great quality.

Testing of cleaning agents: Synthetic urine is being used among marketers and salesmen of cleaning agents to show in their demonstration that their products are effective. Cleaning agents that can clean carpets and furniture are the ones mostly taking advantage of synthetic urine.

Pranks: One of the most common uses of synthetic urine for pranks will be using it to tell your friend that you have peed on their clothes or bed. The good thing about just using synthetic urine for these jokes is that you know that the person you are joking with will just deal with less offensive problems.

Drug tests: And lastly, synthetic urine can be used to passed drug tests. With synthetic urine, there is just absence of any traces of blood so you are sure that you are really going to pass your drug test effectively.

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