Learn How Police Catch Hit and Run Drivers and the Techniques They Use

Penalties for a hit and run accident are more severe than just being liable for the accident, but that doesn’t mean hit and run accidents have stopped happening. Most drivers who take off after an accident are betting that the police are not going to be able to find them and, even if they are found, the police cannot prove they were driving when the accident occurred. However, there are certain techniques police officers will use to find hit and run drivers.

Using Video Surveillance and Dash Cams

Video surveillance cameras for stores in the area may have footage of the accident. In some cases, they may even have a photo of the license plate if the vehicle pulled out of that parking lot before causing an accident. Other drivers in the area may have caught the accident on their dash cams and may offer the footage to the police if the license plate is viewable. Both of these allow the officer to look up the driver’s information and find out who the vehicle belongs to.

Using Witness Statements

It’s not uncommon for witnesses to see exactly what happened and to catch the license plate, or at least part of it, before the hit and run driver takes off. Even if they have a make and model for the vehicle and a few of the letters or numbers on the plate, the police officers can use that to find the vehicle and the driver. Once the vehicle is found, they can check the damage to make sure they’ve found the right one.

Posting on Social Media and the News

If there are no witnesses that immediately come forward and no video footage of the accident, police officers may have the news run a segment asking for assistance or post articles on social media websites asking for help. In many of these cases, someone who did witness the accident or knows what happened may come forward and provide evidence leading to the driver.

If you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident, there is a chance the police will be able to find the driver that hit you. Take some time now to learn more about How Police Catch Hit and Run Drivers and what you can do after the accident to make it more likely the liable driver is caught.